Celebrity Weight Loss and Energy Boosting Secret

We’ve been hearing about some weight loss energy boosting shots that celebrities like Rita Ora, Madonna,  Emily Rose, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber are  taking. What are they? What is their secret? I did some research and this is what I found out. The ‘drug’ that they’ve been taking is not even close to being illegal or harmful. It does not make us addicted and it really does benefit our body. Sounds interesting right?

Rita Ora and Emily Rose getting injections from their hair stylist

Our body is complex, there’s no question about that. It’s composed from water, proteins, tissue, carbohydrates, fats and bones. It contains many systems, the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems being only a few. When we break it down to elements it becomes clear that we need vitamins and minerals to ensure that our body works properly. We all know vitamins A, C, E, D and we’ve certainly heard about B vitamins. Since there are so many it’s hard to know them all, but let me tell you what all those celebrities already know – one of them is very important!

Which one is it and what is its function?

The ‘magic’ vitamin is called B12 and our body needs it for many functions like DNA synthesis, formation of red blood cells and it even helps in the process of metabolising fat and protein. Many people think that it comes from animals, but that is not true. It’s primary manufacturer are micro-organisms in the soil.

Why is everyone saying we need to eat animal products to get it?

Well that’s quite an easy question. Animals just eat dirtier food than we do. Our obsession with cleaning our food has robbed us from maybe the most important vitamin for our growth and nervous system. That’s not all, now even the soil has become depleted, so farmers are injecting B12 to animals that are just as deficient as we are.

Do all off these celebrities have a B12 deficiency?

That’s hard to say, but it is not impossible. It all depends on the values of reference at the laboratory they were tested at. I will explain more about this further on.  First I need to mention that the deficiency can occur for many reasons. The vitamin needs to go through a complex pathway in our body before the cells can use and if only one of the processes is interrupted the absorption won’t take place. Some of B12 deficiency symptoms are fatigue, anemia, dementia or even severe neurologic damage. The deficiency is hiding behind various symptoms that can be attributed to other diseases and can also worsen the disease that you already have. Everyone is at risk!

Do they really use it for energy boost?

You think you have enough energy? Maybe you think you have, but you have never really felt how it is to have enough. ¨Humans and other mammals are all born with B12 serum levels of about 2000 pg/ml which decline gradually throughout life¨ concluded Doctor John Dommisse in one of the interviews. What does that mean? It means that it’s possible that all of those laboratories have it wrong. In my research on B12 I’ve read a book titled Could it be B12? by Sally M. Pacholok and Jefferey J. Stuart. The authors say that any serum B12 result below 450 pg/ml NEEDS to be treated and that an adult human being should have serum B12 of 1000 pg/ml or more. Sadly a big majority of values of reference for serum B12 are set to low and most of the people fall between the recommended values not knowing that they are in danger. NOW YOU KNOW THE BIG SECRET. If we’d have our B12 levels higher we could possibly have more energy, wouldn’t feel fatigued and maybe even lose weight easier.

A book that will answer all your questions on the topic
A book that will answer all your questions on the topic

How do I get some of this ‘magic vitamin’?

I cannot explain how important it is to have a serum B12 test done before taking any supplements. By doing so you will know what your real B12 levels are, because taking supplements can alter test and you may never know if you had a deficiency in the first place. After you can consult with your doctor about different kinds and forms of supplements, as well as the treatment he recommends for you. I will make it easier on you and explain it briefly now, so you won’t be completely clueless in front of your doc.

There are three kinds of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) available: cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin and hydrocobalamin. The difference between them is how active they are in the body and the percentage of their absorption. Hydrocobalamin is by far the best, followed by methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin. Prices go in the same order. Cyanocobalamin is the cheapest and if you are certain that you do not have a deficiency or malabsorption problem I think it’s certainly good enough!

Now let’s cover different forms. Authors of the book mentioned that injections are the best for people with deficiencies but they do not exclude oral forms as a treatment. Celebrities are obviously preferring the injections and who can blame them, everybody would want to use the more efficient option if they had the chance!

Drinkable or injectable B12 ampoules
Drinkable or injectable B12 ampoules

So here you go! Now you know it all! If you want to extend your knowledge even more I advise you to read the book that I’ve mentioned before Could it be B12? by Sally M. Pacholok and Jefferey J. Stuart. It goes much more into details and I can truly say that it’s worth the money. I’ve found it super helpful when dealing with my doctor and discovering my B1 deficiency. I’ll make sure to tell you all about that in another post. You could also visit their web-site on http://b12awareness.org/. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below 🙂

Until next time.. Vegg it up guys!



2 thoughts on “Celebrity Weight Loss and Energy Boosting Secret

  1. Vitamin B12 and K deficiency are just some of the potential side effects of abstaining from animal proteins. That’s not to say that B12 supplements are necessary even for vegans though – just need to supplement it through real foods.


    1. B12 deficiency is a serious issue not only for vegans but omnivores too because our food is not as nutritious as it was before. In the book that I referred to in the post majority of the patients described do not exclude animal proteins from their diet and yet they have been diagnosed with a deficiency. Supplementing it through real foods might not work as it used to back in the days and that’s why I’m encouraging everyone to get tested and act on their results.


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