Banana Pudding ‘n Cream


A light scrumptious dessert, that can be eaten any time.





80ml soy milk

100ml liquid soy whipping cream

3 ripe spotty bananas

1tbsp vanilla extract

4tbsp corn starch


400ml liquid soy whipping cream


vanilla sugar

1tsp maple syrup




This is seriously the easiest recipe ever to execute without messing everything up. You basically just put all of the pudding ingredients together, mix it until liquid and bring it to a boil. Don’t forget to stir!! When you have your thicker pudding consistency pour it in the glasses and cool it for an hour in the fridge. In the mean time whip the soy cream with all the other ingredients.

When the pudding was cold I topped it of with some speculoos cookies and then added the whipped cream. It gave a nice bossy crunch to the dessert, so I would definitely recommend it! 😉


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