Cheezy Cauliflower Pasta Sauce With Curry Tofu

If you’re anything like me you don’t like vegetables and LOOVE everything sweet and delicious. But because the world expect us to be, act and eat like grown-ups I like fooling my inner child by hiding my vegetables in super duper tasty sauces. And we all know KIDS LOVE PASTA. This weeks favorite is actually a version of my Perfect Yellow Pizza sauce with a few enhancements. Its extremely easy and quick to make when in a hurry and just magnificent with some red lentil pasta.


Cheezy Cauliflower Pasta Sauce With Curry Tofu

For 2 servings

600g frozen cauliflower
1 vegetable cube (I used the one with reduced fat)
20g nutritional yeast
salt, pepper and a pinch of turmeric

200g tofu
1 tsp mild curry powder

Cook the cauliflower until soft, drain and save the water it was cooked in. Blend it with all of the other ingredients to get a super creamy consistency, adding water saved earlier if needed.
Combine tofu, curry powder, salt and about half a cup of water in a pan and sauté on medium heat until all of the water is absorbed – about 5 minutes. I like my food soft, but if you desire to give a little crunch to your tofu you can also roast it for 10 minutes on 200°c.
Serve it over your favorite pasta and enjoy!


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