Hey there!

Iโ€™m Lucija, but you can call me Lucy. I love food, learning about nutrition and can be a huge nerd when I research everything to the last bit. I also fell in love with power lifting not so long ago (you can find more of that on my instagram).

Being interested in food preparation since I was a little girl, I studied pastry and baking in Slovenia after graduating from a general gymnasium. Strong willpower led me to the culinary country of the world – France, where I came across a vegan  plant based diet for the first time. I was immediately intrigued by its logic, simplicity and fresh taste. It was exactly what I was looking for. It gave me so much inspiration and drive that I created VeggBoss in 2015; a website where my love for food, life, children and nutrition has a chance to step out of my over-thinking mind.


Influenced by Slovenian, French and world cuisine, I create delicious, simple, comforting, creative, healthy and child friendly recipes. In january 2016 I attended Matthew Kenney’s plant based culinary academy to get more knowledge about culinary nutrition and plant based cooking. It gave me so much inspiration and desire for knowledge, that I decided to study dietetics in Slovenia. My aspirations are great, complicated and from time to time even scary, but nonetheless I strongly believe that we create our own destiny and so here I am shaping mine inviting you to join me on my journey.


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