Ayurvedic Raw Buckwheat Porridge

My first encounter with Ayurveda was about two months ago at a Culinary nutrition class I took in January. I love how it considers our bodies, minds and souls as whole and also treats them this way, so I though I’d make a recipe that complement my doshas Kapha and Pitta. I did lots of research to incorporate, combine and prepare the right ingredients,andย the result … Continue reading Ayurvedic Raw Buckwheat Porridge

Provancal Bites and Olive Dip

This time I was creating provancal being still inspired by French cuisine. My creation were little, soft provancal bites full of summer flavours. When half of the tray was already eaten I remembered that a delicious creamy olive dip would go great with it. The combination was so tasty, that everything was gone in 30 minutes. If I only knew it’s gonna be this good … Continue reading Provancal Bites and Olive Dip

Spelt Porridge as a Great Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Weekend is over and I’ve got a new recipe for you. Last Friday was the beginning of my two week vacation, so I immediately flew to my home town and the party started. Two weeks of my loved ones, mom’s amazing cooking and beautiful Slovenia. In the spirit of family gatherings I remembered that my mom used to cook porridge for my sisters and me … Continue reading Spelt Porridge as a Great Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Soft Scrambled Tofu (no oil)

I have to admit, I never liked tofu.. Until about a month ago, when I started playing with it in the kitchen.. Tofu in desserts, marinated tofu, salad with tofu and olives.. All of those were real treats, but none tasted like home or better like my mom’s cooking. There was something missing.. so one day when the boredom dragged me in the kitchen, I … Continue reading Soft Scrambled Tofu (no oil)

Banana Pudding ‘n Cream

  A light scrumptious dessert, that can be eaten any time.   INGREDIENTS Pudding: 80ml soy milk 100ml liquid soy whipping cream 3 ripe spotty bananas 1tbsp vanilla extract 4tbsp corn starch Cream: 400ml liquid soy whipping cream cinnamon vanilla sugar 1tsp maple syrup   RECIPE   This is seriously the easiest recipe ever to execute without messing everything up. You basically just put all … Continue reading Banana Pudding ‘n Cream