Ayurvedic Raw Buckwheat Porridge

My first encounter with Ayurveda was about two months ago at a Culinary nutrition class I took in January. I love how it considers our bodies, minds and souls as whole and also treats them this way, so I though I’d make a recipe that complement my doshas Kapha and Pitta. I did lots of research to incorporate, combine and prepare the right ingredients,andย the result … Continue reading Ayurvedic Raw Buckwheat Porridge

Preproste Presne Buckine Testenine za Zacetnike

Nisem se razlozila kaksne vrste veganka sem in ta objava bo popolna za to, saj je recept, ki ga bom delila z vami, nenavaden za vecino ljudi. Moja veganska pot se je zacela povsem presno. Vsekakor to ni pot, ki jo izbere vecina ljudi. Bila sem tako prepricana vase, da nisem potrebovala kuhanja in pripravljanja vseh tistih posebnih obrokov in se vedno se pocutim tako. … Continue reading Preproste Presne Buckine Testenine za Zacetnike

Simple Raw Zucchini Pasta For Beginners

I haven’t told you what kind of vegan I am yet and I thought this post would be perfect to start with this as the recipe I’ll share with you is a bit unusual for most people. My vegan journey actually started fully raw. Not the typical journey most people choose. I was so sure in what I was doing, that I didn’t need cooking … Continue reading Simple Raw Zucchini Pasta For Beginners